Wildkat Extension 909

WildKat - Extension 909

Having started weight training and competing over 30 years ago, there’s no doubt that I am by far one of the strongest and most muscular women you will ever have the privilege of meeting. And if you can’t tell by my tone, I am also one of the most Dominant and demanding female bodybuilders, hell women in general as well.

Since starting weight training in the early 80s, I’ve faced many challenges from guys just like you. Of course, I still got those how much do you bench, how much do you curl, and how big are your arms questions. Honestly, I think there’s truly only one way to answer those, and that’s in the gym. I’m actually quite surprised at the number of men who approach me to ask those questions, and then when I offer to train with them, they chicken out. Why is that? Can anyone explain that to me? Could it be my 250 lbs benchpress for reps? My 100 lb ez-bar curls? Or maybe it’s my 17 inch cold, flexed biceps that scare them off. Whatever the reason, I’m looking for some real men. Are there any out there?

Are you man enough to step up and take the Wildkat challenge? Trust me, this isn’t for the faint of heart. You had better be able to keep up with me lift for lift, pound for pound. Fail, and you’ll feel what true humiliation is. I’ll Dominate and own you like you’ve never been owned before. You’ll grovel at my feet, worshiping them as I crush and trample you. Or, if the mood strikes me, I’ll just wrap my massive 26 inch quads around you and slowly constrict you like a python. Squeezing the breath from you as your ribs begin to crack with the pressure. Of course there’s no better feeling for me, than to see the frantic look on your face as you grovel and beg for my mercy.

So the question still remains, are YOU man enough?

Call me NOW and find out!
800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 909

5 comments to Wildkat Extension 909

  • Mike  says:

    World class!

  • Freeman  says:

    “I don’t like blondes, but I definitely like this one. I would like to meet her one day. She is SMOKIN’

  • Kat Connors  says:

    HI… I love talking about my muscles and the FUN things we can do with them!! Kat x

  • william  says:

    hi baby i’m a fans excuse me for my language but i just wanna fuck you all my life

  • bhanuka  says:

    i love you i like you mary

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