Rusty Extension 777


Rusty has been with FemaleMuscle Talklive for over 15 years. She is one of our most popular women and with very good reason. When we met Rusty, she was a 20 something year old bodybuilder on the west coast of Florida. She had an amazing physique back then; beautiful taper, full muscle bellies, ripped, lean, and in excellent condition. All requirements, of course, of living and playing on the Gulf side of Florida.

Rusty has a very sweet demeanor, both on and off the phone. But guys, don’t let that fool you. Deep down, she can be as ruthless a Domme as you’d ever hope to meet. And she has the physical assets to back it all up. Just look at her physique. Now THAT’s the type of body you want to see strolling along the beach.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Rusty and so will you. You’d better be well rested though. She’ll take you on the ride of your life! Don’t believe us, well….

Call Rusty NOW and for the time of your life!
800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 777

5 comments to Rusty Extension 777

  • Jose  says:

    Q how can I meet a girl like u

  • aryan  says:

    hi…i liked ur sculpted body …i would like to meet u 191…how can i contct u lady?

  • Ken  says:

    hot muscles good lokk!

  • Ken  says:

    nice muscles

  • Russell mitchem  says:

    “your very hot hot Rusty,well mannered and great muscularity!!would love to chat more with you!1

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