Pamela Extension 430 (GMT -8)

Pamela Extension 430

If you like strong, powerful and dominating women, then you NEED to call Pamela. Muscle Worship, Domination, Mixed Wrestling, Fetishes, Twists and Kinks, Pamela talks about it! Pamela is on Pacific Time, so do not hesitate to call her late into your East Coast evening. Make sure you check out all of the photos below, this is quite a stunning and powerful female bodybuilder.

After seeing her gallery, it will be easy to understand why Pamela is so popular. She is stunning, classy and elegant but she is also strong and can be very Dominant. Pamela can lure you in with her beauty and charm, then twist you around her finger and make you beg to please her. She will own you heart, mind, body and soul and there’s not a DAMNED thing you can do to stop her. If she wants something, she TAKES it. If you don’t please her willingly, you’re going to suffer until she is completely satisfied.

Dare to share your fantasies with her? I imagine that Pamela IS your fantasy now. She’s got what you need, and she’s waiting to talk with you about it.

800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 430

6 comments to Pamela Extension 430 (GMT -8)

  • rose  says:

    dang girl love theese pics especialy the one at the tabe looks like ur about to take someone down in arm wrestling which im sure u never loose at lol

  • blackute  says:

    luv you on hbicepscam! ….hope we can meet some day for a wrestle

  • Bruce Beaudine  says:

    these are some very nice pictures. I am a little older and would like to get to know you alittle better. i am a male body builder. I just started to work out after a long time. Everything comes easy to me. I am trying to work on my washboards. I need a little domination in my life. A good work out together would really get me pumped up. your friend Bruce.

  • mr jeff  says:

    your so beautiful

  • dr. michael  says:

    hey darling i can make your breasts look like marilyn monroe. believe you need it! i can give you a special discount.

  • Ron Dabbs  says:

    I love your muscles Pam! Very sexy and would love to have you on my arm for a real date. Always liked women bodybuilders and you are another one of my favorites. Very attractive and look great in all your various attire. Especially love the dress in the bar scene! BTW…you have perfect shaped legs too!

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