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Despite my size and incredible strength, I am proud to share that I am a Natural athlete. In fact, I am a very competitive powerlifter. I have worked hard for many years to achieve my ROCK HARD body, without EVER taking any drugs or performance enhancers.

At 5′ 7″, my walking around weight is right around 185 lbs. Most men find me intimidating, but I want a man who truly appreciates what my size and strength are truly all about. A man that knows his place.

I am a very Dominant woman and I love the power of being in control, being worshiped, and showing a man how weak and pathetic he truly is. I want you to feel every inch of my muscularity and sensual femininity wrapped around you, squeezing the breath out of you. I want you to worship the muscular Goddess that I am and I want to dominate you so that you know that you have no control.

I am your wildest fantasy come true and I can’t wait to hear from you! Do I have your attention little man?

Call Muscular Beauty ASAP! She’s Wants to OWN You 24/7!!!
800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 800

An Audio Introduction From Muscular Beauty

17 comments to Muscular Beauty Extension 800 (GMT -8)

  • Tim from NJ 10/14/09  says:

    Yea, I think we’d have a fun match but you look to strong! Have a great night! TIm

  • Gregory Rhodes   says:

    You are gorgeous!!!

  • Neely Nolan  says:

    I already know I have no control.

  • rlf  says:

    Damnyou r so hot I would have fun with u u look like u want soft bites all over

  • Brenda Dass  says:

    Real muscularity and sensuality. Thank you.

  • Dave  says:

    Hey Muscular Beauty… That’s one cool pic, and I bet you have no problem taking on the world!

  • Neely  says:

    I already feel like I have no control.

  • Neely Nolan  says:

    No shoes on the bed please!

  • Saliu Abdul Basit  says:

    you look pretty cool and got that curves and shape a perfect lady should have. You have got a nice arms, i mean i like your biceps and triceps. Looking forward to knowi9ng you better if you don’t mind

  • ficu  says:


  • jmikewt  says:

    Your a very beauitful woman I would love to get To know you is there anyway I can ?

  • billy  says:

    i couldnt survive in the new world when males cannot even hold a match to the fullfilled evolutionary summons”. Lori i Will forever tell my beleif of how you are a superior being. i beleive that your audio stories have made millions of stupid weak hapless boys something that WOMAN can now have these pitiiful worms take no time at all away from you super women for lor’s tapes showed tese punks how to behave and serve with tremblinglimbs we kneel in awe beffore something so unreal and our brains see how your slowly becoming so amazing we secimens kneel our purpose now your pleasr and our kes shorter and shorter as all males can onky see that SUERIOr WOMAN is all and to servr is all he ca do. Heer power controls his very soul -anything SHE requests even 0ur early death is the best that can ever be. Crush me to death i am nothimg unless i can gaze upon the TRUTH and tremble in awe our minds and bodies slowly withers to his end

  • James Watson  says:

    This woman is sexy ass muscular woman. I would love to be her sexual boy toy. She has the muscle and the beauty. Its great to see a woman. With hard ripped muscles who is. Not afraid to show her sexual side. I would like to get to know her. She is a true muscle hottie.

  • Steven Jenkins  says:

    Miss Muscle……..I am 6 foot 3 inches tall and weigh about 275 pounds………….I would love to meet you and set up a wrestling session with you……….I live in New England……..Please contact me if you plan on being in the area in the near future………Keep up that beautiful in-shape body of yours.Steve

  • sirini  says:

    hey my name is sirini i want to call this girl here in this page..

  • Ken  says:

    Very nice pics

  • Russell mitchem  says:

    “simply put”your a naturally gorgeous,strong woman,barring steroid use!!I love strong women,mentally and physically!would be unashamed taking you out for dances,and steak!!

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