Mistress Tammy Extension 944 (GMT -8)(Our most popular performer)

Mistress Tammy Extension 944

A true Amazon Dominatrix at her finest. Mistress Tammy is 5′ 11″ in her barefeet and as tall as 6′ 3″ or even 6′ 4″ in her heels. She easily towers over most men and loves to make them feel as small and as inferior as they truly are. Add in the fact that she is 200 pounds of hard, feminine muscle, and you’ll agree that Mistress Tammy is not one to be taken lightly. She can intimidate with a simple look, and have submissives groveling at her feet with a point of her finger.

Dare to defy this gorgeous Amazon? It may very well be the last time you ever defy a woman. Mistress Tammy laughs, “I think some guys get turned on by testing my strength for themselves. You’d like to wrestle me too, wouldn’t you? I’ll bet it would excite you to see me win.”

Dare to challenge her? Think you can handle what the Mistress has in store for you?

Call me NOW!
800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 944

An Audio Introduction From Mistress Tammy

Enjoy Some Pictures of Mistress Tammy

24 comments to Mistress Tammy Extension 944 (GMT -8)(Our most popular performer)

  • Jeff  says:

    Your great looking and fun don’t forget to e-mail me some more pics if you can, Jeff in Jersey

  • vinny  says:

    hi i love women with very muscular legs especially in the calfs i am looking for such a woman i stay in shape my self i would like to get to know you please contact ne at my email.

  • Pat 373  says:

    I love this picture who wouldn’t dream to run his hand over the rock hard relief of your sculptural back apprehending the moment it gets into motion … unstopable.

  • ronald casey  says:

    how can i buy pis or dvds of you ?

  • cosimo  says:

    i want you fuck… is cumming cum …..ohhhhh

  • Mark  says:

    I could give you such a workout with my ‘love-muscle’ I would wear you out. You’re so strong sensual and beautiful

  • Mark  says:

    I could make love to her forever

  • hi  says:

    umm your muscular like my sister is

  • Luca  says:

    Dolcezza, voglio essere umiliato sottomesso dai tuoi muscoli sei una dea, umilia uomini voglio essere il tuo schiavo contattami 3282693372

  • pete  says:

    stunning nothing like quality muscle on a woman sexy as

  • aztecal  says:

    wow you have a perfect body

  • Mark  says:

    If you were my girlfriend well I once told you of my muscle fantasies

  • Skinny  says:

    How Delicious !!!!!

  • Mark  says:

    I just wanted to say I could make love not to 100 female bodybuilders a day but hows about 160 162

  • Nerim  says:

    You’re like a dream come true. I’d love to meet you one day:)

  • Nerim  says:

    anyone know her real name?

  • fawsul  says:

    u r arm is beat

  • bigwilddick  says:

    Fuck me miss sexy boo kiss is cell phone give me a call

  • Mark  says:

    You are the ultimate muscle fantasy lady I once told you of my muscle fantasies

  • Mark  says:


  • Michael Shawn  says:

    Please email me. My balls belong to you!

  • Michael Shawn  says:

    Please email me. My balls belong to you! shawnpro99@yahoo.com

  • custard arms  says:

    Mistress Tammy you are the best

  • Jonathan  says:

    my life is in your strong hands, please… just control me with them. i willl worship your body like the slave you need. email me jontip90@gmail.com

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