Miss MuscleXtreme Extension 456 (GMT -8)


Though she’s only 5’1, Miss MuscleXtreme is by far the MOST muscular woman, pound for pound, that you will ever meet. With 18 inch biceps and calves, and thickest pecs in female bodybuilding, this phenom steps on stage at 165 lbs. Her muscular maturity and density makes other competitor seem small, even though they may be as much as 6 or 7 inches taller.

When Miss MuscleXtreme flexes, you can truly appreciate how hard and thick her muscles are. She can captivate you with a pec dance, totally intimidate you with her striated, vascular quads, or drive you absolutely insane as she pumps her massive arms over and over again.

Her pecs are so Xtreme that she can balance a can of soda on them as she flexes.  You can see that the years of heavy lifting have paid off. How  heavy you ask….take a peak at her picture and notice the 120 lb dumbbells she is pressing with ease, for reps. Follow her to the Hammer Incline Press and watch her push out reps with 4 plates per side (quick math here…. thats 360 lbs in plates alone plus the machine weight). How many guys in the gym have you seen do that?

Xtreme arms? Yes…18 inch biceps as mentioned earlier, built with solid hardcore curls that include 135 lb EZ bar curls and 50+ lb dumbbell curls for reps. Care to armwrestle now? You may want to think twice about that. Chances are, you won’t even begin to budge her arm, and she is known for taunting and teasing her opponents as they struggle. The biggest humiliation for you…. an Xtremely loud thud as she slams your arm to the table.

What Miss MuscleXtreme‘s legs lack in length, they more than make up for in girth. With quads that tape out at nearly 28 inches, you can see why her victims quickly tap when she scissors them. Her thick massive quads also are a benefit when she throws guys over her shoulder and walks around with them, stopping to rep a few squats a long the way. Her calves are always ripped and vascular with amazing shape. Guys have been known to simply fall to their knees and worship her calves for hours on end.

Miss MuscleXtreme has a SECRET. But the only way you can find out is to call and ask nicely if she’ll share it with you. Here’s a hint; She’s Xtremely WELL-endowed. Now…….

CALL and BEG to hear her Xtremely erotic secret
800-222-3539 (FLEX) Ext 456!

Miss MuscleXtreme is available Monday thru Friday 10am to 1am Eastern Standard Time!

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