Melissa Coates Extension 625 (GMT -5, Georgia Girl)

Melissa Coates Extension 625

Melissa Coates has had a wide and varied career, but is best known for being a top ranked IFBB woman professional bodybuilder (once ranked 9th in the world) and also as a widely published fitness model and cover girl who has been on the covers of MuscleMag International, Flex magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, Muscular Development and more. She has been the centerfold of the once hugely popular Flex magazine feature on women bodybuilder called “Power and Sizzle” and has also been the middle centerfold of Muscular Development, Ironman and in several fitness calendars as well as swimsuit videos, ads, books and more.

Melissa was a Jan Tana Bodybuilding Champion in the late 90s and also placed 9th in her first Ms Olympia contest where she competed alongside the legendary Lenda Murray and Kim Chizvesky. She was 5th runner up in her first Ms International contest. She was known for being a champion bodybuilder, but also feminine enough to do pin up modelling work as well. Her most recent magazine pic was in the sept 2012 “Butt-a-Thon” issue of Planet Muscle (the pic with the jean around her ankles).

Melissa continues to pursue her athletic endeavors. Using her bodybuilding as the base in which to launch herself into a very successful career as a professional wrestler. Melissa would love to share not only her bodybuilding but her pro wrestling with you.

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800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 625

1997 Miss International Pose down

4 comments to Melissa Coates Extension 625 (GMT -5, Georgia Girl)

  • Joseph P.Uhl  says:

    Melissa, I’ve been a fan of yours from most probably day one. You always look your level best in any pose or wardrobe. I have used your photos for my drawings more than any other female bodybuilder or physique competitor in the 25 years that I have been rendering in pencil. If you are curious to see the labours of (love) that are the character Super Susie then fire of a response or check out my published work on LHArt just type Super Susie or J.P.Uhl in the search box. My latest work is FAR better than what you see there, All the best Melissa, J.P.Uhl

  • Bob Gibson  says:

    Melissa I would like to know if I can have your contact information so I can FAX or MAIL a Detailed Letter to you? I have heard back from Christy Remendes,Colette Nelson along with others from that same exact Letter.Have a nice Day, Bob Gibson 2-21-2012.

  • Mike  says:

    the above photos are 15 years in the past.time waits for no one, sweetheart.

  • Aaron Jone  says:

    i loved you in w.e.w., you were greay, dang amber o’neal. im a bigg fan of yours.

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