Malibu Extension 398


At 5′ 8″ tall, this California blonde’s resume is as long as she is tall. You may best know Malibu as an American Gladiator, going head to head with the likes of Zap, Ice, and Siren. You may also know Malibu from her years of fantasy, semi-competitive and all out competitive mixed wrestling. Did you also know that she is a personal trainer, stunt woman, pro football player, model, actress, boxer and blackbelt in numerous martial arts? Of course you didn’t, and that is exactly why you need to call this gorgeous, athletic phenom.

Malibu has been kicking ass longer than many of you have been alive. As an American Gladiator, Malibu steam-rolled into competition in the early 90s. How could you not want to experience her power and raw athleticism first hand? You saw how easily she overpowered and dominated much larger, much stronger, and much more muscular women. What could Malibu do to a guy like You?

Surely you’ve heard of Malibu’s legacy on the mats. At 150 lbs of pure athletic ability, strength, and skill, no man could withstand her onslaught. Specializing in fantasy, semi-competitive and all out competitive style matches, Malibu could tease and torment you into a helpless submission, OR, she could bury you with her merciless scissors, headlocks and armbars. For those that dared take her on competitively, a humbling, or should that say “humiliating” ending awaited.

As an actress Malibu, you may be seen Malibu in “Million Dollar Baby”, “Marley and Me”, “Bare Knuckles”, and “Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning” and numerous commercials.

Does this bring back some memories? Of course it does! How would you like to TALKLIVE with a true legend of mixed wrestling? Malibu would be more than happy to share some stories from some of her more memorable matches through the years, the many ways she destroyed MUCH larger men, left macho men whimpering in humiliation, and easily put a few egos in check. Or ask her about the Gladiator days; what it was like to compete head to head with Raye Hollitt, Lori Fetrick and the late Shelly Beattie.

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