Kristiana Extension 950 (CALIFORNIA GMT -8)

Kristiana Extension 950

Kristiana, is a well known strong and gorgeous female wrestler. You’ve seen her video work on several wrestling and mixed wrestling sites including the very popular Scissor Vixens.

Kristiana stands over 6’1″ when she wears spiked heels with lovely long, dark hair, and a body that won’t quit! With her experience in mixed wrestling you will quickly find that she is the answer to your fantasy. You will enjoy every powerful, sensuous minute you talk with Kristiana! She will drive you wild when she explains just how she will get you in a scissor hold and toy with you.With her long legs, she can easily constrict you like a giant Anaconda and crush you into complete and utter helplessness. She has been known to prolong the agony, gradually applying pressure and ignoring her victims pleas for mercy.

Do you think you can get away from this strong, powerful Goddess? I doubt it. But won’t it be fun trying? Now you can speak with Kristiana one 0n one, find out why her thousands of fans continue to buy her videos and beg her to create more.

Are You Ready to Tap Out? Call Me NOW!
800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 950

5 comments to Kristiana Extension 950 (CALIFORNIA GMT -8)

  • Brian Strege  says:

    You are one hott young lady who is a great wrestler. I bet you love kicking ass lol. Great body.

  • surjo banerjee  says:

    hola roooooooooooowr

  • Mark  says:

    What is your schedule? You are amazing in your videos. Look forward to chatting soon.

  • Bobby  says:

    sorry i could not call back to talk about those veiny hands…gf came home too early. will call again soon.

  • Jesse Long  says:

    I would love for Kristiana to wrestle me and kiss on me. I’d love for her to squeeze me until I pass out and then kiss on me when I wake up. I’m a single 57 year old male and never been married. I look younger than I am and I walk everywhere I go. I’m 6ft 3in tall and weigh 200 lbs. I’d love to be walking one night and have her sneak up me and grab me and take me to her place and tickle torture me and kiss on me and tell me that I taste good.

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