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Jada Spice on FemaleMuscle Talk

There’s absolutely nothing in this world that can “Spice” things up quite like Jada. This Caribbean beauty is not only fit, athletic and sexy as hell. She’s also strong, intelligent and downright confident.

A perfect mix of Haitian and Spanish, Jada’s exotic look has made her very popular on the fitness scene and every beach she has ever stepped on. Men and women can’t help but stop and look when this fit beauty walks by, her confidence showing with every step. It’s not uncommon to see a line of men following Jada down the beach, through the mall or across the street. They just can’t help that they need more “Spice” in their life.

Having trained for over 12 years, Jada has honed her amazing physique using a combination of weights, calisthenics, combat sports, and yoga. As you can see in her pictures, whatever combinations of training she uses…..WORKS!

She’s strong too! With 225 lb deadlifts and squats, leg presses in excess of 350 lbs and 40 lb curls, Jada can put most men in the gym to shame. But it’s not just lifting where she excels. Jada has functional strength as well and boasts an easy 40 rep pushups and 25 strict pull-ups in under 1 minute. How many of you can even do 1 pullup?

Jada focuses her training on the feminine muscular look, and she’s pulled it off quite convincingly. Though she may seem shy when you first meet her, don’t be fooled. Jada tell’s us, “There’s a tiger inside of me, just waiting to come out.”

So if you’re looking for a challenge or just curious to know more, call me and find out what makes me or what keeps me engaged and what in motion for the future. Your curiosity entices me!

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2 comments to Jada Spice Extension 298 (12-6pm Eastern Time)

  • danny orona  says:

    Tdear blond bombshell,happy to see ur pics,ur beautiful all over,luv u 2 wrap those huge arms around me! Take care,talk soon.

  • markee Williams  says:

    Ayee im here to talk to buff women

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