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I think that bodybuilding is a way of life – It gives us confidence, self-awareness and a very strong will-power to accomplish anything life can throw at us.

I started lifting weights in 1984 to increase my upper body strength for dance. Being a life-long athlete, weight training helped me to excel in all my physical endeavors. I studied classical ballet, which of course is where my amazing and very muscular legs come from. I even ice skated professionally and coached both figure skating as well as ice hockey. An injury left me unable to skate and personal training became my life.

My physique is a sum whole of my life’s passion to be fit, strong and healthy. Being sexy is a side benefit of being muscular and fit. When I step on stage, my weight is right around 125 lbs and in the offseason during my building phase, I am a very solid and incredibly strong 160 lbs. There’s not denying that my 13 1/2 inch biceps are eye catching, but what I think guys notice the most are my skater/ballet/bodybuilding built 14 1/2 inch calves.

For all you guys out there that love strong, muscular, sexy women, I would LOVE to talk with you.

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