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Britta Olsen Extension 919


The Golden Goddess of Wrestling

As many of you know, I take my wrestling very seriously.

If you dare to challenge me into a competitive match, I would love to show you why I am called the Scissors Goddess! Make sure to say Uncle loud and clear! so we can count together how many uncles you have…

I really love the fun part of wrestling and domination, role playing is actually one of my favorites. Also here you will most likely find yourself submitting to the Goddess again and again and again…well, it is what it is, as I always say.

For the last 13 years I have lived all over Europe and the US, touring and exploring this wonderful passion of mine of wrestling and domination, looking forward to share this with you!


Goddess Britta

My Favorites

Mixed Wrestling (Competitive, Semi-Competiti...

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Malibu Extension 398


At 5′ 8″ tall, this California blonde’s resume is as long as she is tall. You may best know Malibu as an American Gladiator, going head to head with the likes of Zap, Ice, and Siren. You may also know Malibu from her years of fantasy, semi-competitive and all out competitive mixed wrestling. Did you also know that she is a personal trainer, stunt woman, pro football player, model, actress, boxer and blackbelt in numerous martial arts? Of course you didn’t, and that is exactly why you need to call this gorgeous, athletic phenom.

Malibu has been kicking ass longer than many of you have been alive. As an American Gladiator, Malibu steam-rolled into competition in the early 90s...

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Rene Campbell Extension 575


Profile Coming Soon!

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Jada Spice Extension 298 (12-6pm Eastern Time)

Jada Spice on FemaleMuscle Talk

There’s absolutely nothing in this world that can “Spice” things up quite like Jada. This Caribbean beauty is not only fit, athletic and sexy as hell. She’s also strong, intelligent and downright confident.

A perfect mix of Haitian and Spanish, Jada’s exotic look has made her very popular on the fitness scene and every beach she has ever stepped on. Men and women can’t help but stop and look when this fit beauty walks by, her confidence showing with every step. It’s not uncommon to see a line of men following Jada down the beach, through the mall or across the street. They just can’t help that they need more “Spice” in their life.

Having trained for over 12 years, Jada has honed her amazing physique using a combination of weights, calisthenics, combat sports, and yoga...

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Miss MuscleXtreme Extension 456 (GMT -8)


Though she’s only 5’1, Miss MuscleXtreme is by far the MOST muscular woman, pound for pound, that you will ever meet. With 18 inch biceps and calves, and thickest pecs in female bodybuilding, this phenom steps on stage at 165 lbs. Her muscular maturity and density makes other competitor seem small, even though they may be as much as 6 or 7 inches taller.

When Miss MuscleXtreme flexes, you can truly appreciate how hard and thick her muscles are. She can captivate you with a pec dance, totally intimidate you with her striated, vascular quads, or drive you absolutely insane as she pumps her massive arms over and over again.

Her pecs are so Xtreme that she can balance a can of soda on them as she flexes.  You can see that the years of heavy lifting have paid off. How  heavy you ask…...

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Buff Pam Extension 666


At first glance, you may mistake me for another famous Pam with blonde hair, killer smile, and killer good looks. But trust me, that’s where the similarity ends. I’m more of the “Buffed” up version, and trust me, you wouldn’t want me any other way.

You’re obviously here because you love strong, muscular women and I applaud you for being who you are. I love that you appreciate all the hard work I put into this 5′ 6, 140 lbs physique. It turns me on to know that I turn you on. Truthfully, how can your resist a woman that has all this muscle, 42DD’s a 26 inch waist, 23 inch thighs, and can fit in a size 0 dress? You can’t, you’re helpless to resist.

I know what you’re saying. “Sure, she’s gorgeous. Sure, she’s sexy as hell. Sure, she’s got all the muscle. But is she strong?”

Let me bounce a f...

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Melissa Coates Extension 625 (GMT -5, Georgia Girl)

Melissa Coates Extension 625

Melissa Coates has had a wide and varied career, but is best known for being a top ranked IFBB woman professional bodybuilder (once ranked 9th in the world) and also as a widely published fitness model and cover girl who has been on the covers of MuscleMag International, Flex magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, Muscular Development and more. She has been the centerfold of the once hugely popular Flex magazine feature on women bodybuilder called “Power and Sizzle” and has also been the middle centerfold of Muscular Development, Ironman and in several fitness calendars as well as swimsuit videos, ads, books and more.

Melissa was a Jan Tana Bodybuilding Champion in the late 90s and also placed 9th in her first Ms Olympia contest where she competed alongside the legendary Lenda Murray a...

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Christy Donat Extension 444


I think that bodybuilding is a way of life – It gives us confidence, self-awareness and a very strong will-power to accomplish anything life can throw at us.

I started lifting weights in 1984 to increase my upper body strength for dance. Being a life-long athlete, weight training helped me to excel in all my physical endeavors. I studied classical ballet, which of course is where my amazing and very muscular legs come from. I even ice skated professionally and coached both figure skating as well as ice hockey. An injury left me unable to skate and personal training became my life.

My physique is a sum whole of my life’s passion to be fit, strong and healthy. Being sexy is a side benefit of being muscular and fit. When I step on stage, my weight is right around 125 lbs and in the offseaso...

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Muscle Bombshell Extension 828

Muscle Bombshell Extension 828

Muscle Bombshell is a 5’4 180lb blonde hair blue eyed sexy powerful muscle Goddess. She has been working out for over 30 years and has competed in both powerlifting and bodybuilding.

In her first ever competition, Muscle Bombshell won her State’s Championship. Quite an accomplishment for a first time competitor. But look at her pictures and you can understand the quality of the physique and development that she has acheived.

She has very mature muscle, which is thick and dense and will make your fantasies explode with desire. She is incredibly strong and loves to talk about her lifts and training, and yes, comparing your workouts to hers really get’s her turned on...

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Lauren Powers Extension 333 (GMT -8)

Lauren Powers Extension 333

“I’m a competitive bodybuilder, wrestler and all around fantasy girl; a blond haired blue eyed All American Amazon.

Born and raised in Southern California. I have always embraced an active lifestyle. Before graduating Valedictorian from Huntington Beach High School, I was on the Pepsi sponsored pro skateboard tour, Skateboard Mania! I attended the University of Hawaii and graduated with a degree in business. During college, I owned and operated a surfing academy, no small feat on the island of Maui, let me tell you. After graduation I came back to the Southern California coast to grow roots in the beautiful town of Laguna Beach.

I’m not really into sports where winning requires me to be better than someone else ...

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