Buff Pam Extension 666


At first glance, you may mistake me for another famous Pam with blonde hair, killer smile, and killer good looks. But trust me, that’s where the similarity ends. I’m more of the “Buffed” up version, and trust me, you wouldn’t want me any other way.

You’re obviously here because you love strong, muscular women and I applaud you for being who you are. I love that you appreciate all the hard work I put into this 5′ 6, 140 lbs physique. It turns me on to know that I turn you on. Truthfully, how can your resist a woman that has all this muscle, 42DD’s a 26 inch waist, 23 inch thighs, and can fit in a size 0 dress? You can’t, you’re helpless to resist.

I know what you’re saying. “Sure, she’s gorgeous. Sure, she’s sexy as hell. Sure, she’s got all the muscle. But is she strong?”

Let me bounce a few things off you before you pick up the phone and call me. How does a 225 lb bench for reps sound? And no, not just 3 or 4, but 12 full bar to 42DD’s reps. I leg press upwards of 1200 lbs for reps, on my last set! And for shoulders, I’ve done 300 lbs on the smith machine for shoulder presses. So to answer your question, “is she strong?” DAMN RIGHT I AM!

Would you like to hear more about how strong I am? Maybe I should tell you about my workout from today. Or how about you share with me what you’d love this strong hot blonde to do to you. I know I’d love to hear what turns you on, especially since I can be one of the most demanding Dommes you’ll ever meet. And you’d better love foot worship. My 7 1/2s to 9’s (depending on the shoes) need lots of love and attention. So if you’re a foot licker and toe sucker, I’ve got a special place for you.

Don’t keep me waiting. I KNOW you’re dying to call. So DO IT NOW!
800-222-3539 (FLEX) Ext 666

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