Brooke Extension 125 (INACTIVE)


As a fitness model my days are filled with training, travel and photoshoots. I am usually up at the crack of dawn to make certain that I get in at least my cardio for the day. Then it’s back home to get meals ready for the day, shower, answer emails and head off to my appearances or a photoshoot. Ugh, 18+ hour days can be a killer.

What I’d really love to have, is a man who is very loving and supportive. A man who truly understands my lifestyle and is willing to be there to take care of the little things for me. I would LOVE to come home to a big hug, dinner on the table, and a bubble bath waiting for me to get lost in. What would top off that bubble bath would be for my man to bathe me while I told him about my day. How loving and caring would that be? My nightie is laid out on the bed, ready for me to slip on and relax before bed.

As I sit on my big comfy couch, watching television, my man walks in, kneels on the floor and takes my feet and begins to massage them. Tenderly at first, as tingly sensations run up my legs. As I squirm with pleasure, the pressure of his hands gets firmer as my entire being melts into his hands.

He never wavers, he greets my like this every evening when I come home. You might say, that I own him. Subtle Domination at it’s best. It’s amazing what a man will do to please the woman of his every desire. That desire to please me, also makes him my submissive.

Are You Man Enough to Please Me? Call Me and Tell Me That You Are
800-222-3539 (FLEX) ext 125

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    hi how r you

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