Britta Olsen Extension 919


The Golden Goddess of Wrestling

As many of you know, I take my wrestling very seriously.

If you dare to challenge me into a competitive match, I would love to show you why I am called the Scissors Goddess! Make sure to say Uncle loud and clear! so we can count together how many uncles you have…

I really love the fun part of wrestling and domination, role playing is actually one of my favorites. Also here you will most likely find yourself submitting to the Goddess again and again and again…well, it is what it is, as I always say.

For the last 13 years I have lived all over Europe and the US, touring and exploring this wonderful passion of mine of wrestling and domination, looking forward to share this with you!


Goddess Britta

My Favorites

Mixed Wrestling (Competitive, Semi-Competitive, Fantasy)
Role Playing (surprise me!)
Submission holds
Smothering & Trampling
Wrestling Training

Combative Styles


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